Picture Day: Friday, May 5th & Saturday, May 6th, 2017

  • William Duvall of Photo Duvall will be our photographer. This is the only chance for group class photos. If you are unable to participate on picture day please let Ms. Kate know so that we are not waiting for your child to show up. An exact schedule for pictures will be announced soon!

Picture Day: Friday May 5th and Saturday May 6th 

Duvall Dance Academy

3865 Wekiva Springs Rd.

General Information

  • Before the recital performance we hold picture day to offer our dancers and their parents the opportunity to capture the costume and dance performed in this years’ recital for years to come.
  • Every class is designated a block of time to take group and individual photos in the assigned hair, makeup, and costume of each dance.
  • If you are unable to attend picture day please let us know in advance so that we do not hold up other class pictures waiting for you.
  • It is very important that your child arrive on time to ensure the rest of the scheduled photos occur on time.

o If you are arriving with your child’s hair and makeup done, please arrive at the studio 30 minutes ahead of your first scheduled photo

o If you are getting hair and/or makeup done, please arrive at the studio 45 minutes ahead of your first scheduled photo

  • Help with hair and makeup is available. Please sign up at the front desk if you would like your child’s hair and/or makeup done. The prices for those who signed up in advance are as follows:

o $6 for hair OR makeup

o $10 for hair AND makeup


o Prices will increase on the day of picture day.

  • Pictures will only be available for purchase the day of picture day. Because of this, please allot enough time to stay after your child is finished to order your photos.

o We understand this is a time consuming day and we appreciate your patience in advance. We will have as many staff members as possible available to assist you in viewing and purchasing photos, however it can be a lengthy process. Thank you again for your patience!

  • DVD’s, flowers, and program ad information will be available for purchase on Picture Day.


Download: Picture Day 2017 Flyer (347 downloads)